Veterans Day

We owe so much to those that have sacrificed so much to allow us to enjoy "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". I'd like to dedicate this thread to honoring our Veterans today. Feel free to post your service, or the service of a loved one. Personally, I flew a desk in the Air Force, in the exotic land known as Oklahoma a long time ago (so not too tough ;-). But my son-in-law, and proud papa of the little man in my avatar, served a year in Afghanistan, And my father served in the Army Air Corps in WWII. They are my true heroes. Love you all! Dan


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    Thanks Dan
    I was a Jet Engine Mechanic for eight years in the Air Force and saw very brief combat in the Grenada Invasion of 1983. My father was a submariner during Vietnam and signalman in Korea. On his way back to Japan in 1953, his plane was shot down. He and the other survivors were adrift for three days before reaching Japan and then spent a few more days in the wild before getting back to civilization.

    I would like to say that not all Veterans signed the contract and took the Oath. Wives, mother's and children all pay the price of service and in various ways. I would like to send my best wishes and deepest gratitude not only to the service members but for those they left at home as well.
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    Veterans Day
    To those who have fought and those who still fight for our freedoms, we are forever in your debt.
    Thank you to all past, present, future.......
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    Air Force
    I was in the Air Force, a clerk/typist at Barksdale AFB,Louisiana. My uncle Ralph Mantor was a POW in Germany. His was the stalag that Hogan's Heroes was based off of (although I think it was stalag 17 not 13, but he said Shultz was real)he was released when the war was won.
    Winter Marie
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    In honor of those that serve
    My father is a vet of WW 2. He served in the European theater and had just gotten orders to head to the Pacific when the war ended. Many of those from his home area did not survive and are buried across Europe in various cemetaries.

    I have a living cousin who is a vetran of Desert Storm. To this day he suffers health problems from that service.

    Every day of freedom, we owe those who served/serve a debt of gratitude.

    Marie who loves kitties
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    thank you
    thank you to all veterns for your servive. God bless the usa!
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    In memory of my dad, Bill:
    In memory of my dad, Bill: He survived WWII and the Korean War as a member of the constabulary. He also fought in Germany and France. (And then fought back home in the states when he told my mom that he reinlisted for another four years!). ;)

    Love ya Dad...."Never give up!"

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    Thank you all for your service to our country
    I appreciate all of you who served! And I'm proud to honor my dad, US Navy - he was a fighter pilot in WWII, and my husband, US Army - Army Security Agency - Vietnam era. Bob was a crypt analyst - a code breaker! Proud of every one of you and proud to be an American.

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    **** served as a fighter pilot in the Marine Corps. So grateful to all the veterans and families out there.