docetaxel feedback

I guess you must have some experience with this drug. What are the dangers, besides the known toxicity? The side effects, any alternative herbals etc that might help potentiate treatment or ameliorate any side effects?
Docetaxel is at the top of my sons chemo assay, so it's probably worth taking for at least a few infusions. He is stage 4 nsclc, and so far after a year holding up pretty well. We have it contained, so now need to bring all the forces to bear. Stability is nice, but I want it gone.
So has anyone experience with docetaxel or vinorelbine?? These are the 2 with 82 and 83% cancer cell kill rate for Eric's specific tumor cells. He's already had carbo and alimpta.
Thanks so much... Eric's mom.


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    Chemo Assay?
    I took docetaxol and carboplatin every three or four weeks for an entire year, and was very fortunate to have few side effects. I don't know, of course, which chemo drug caused which problem. The only problems of note were low blood cell counts. I tried to combat this with mushroom extracts, but they had to reduce my dose anyway. I have no idea if the mushroom extracts actually helped or not.

    You mentioned having gotten a chemo assay test. Where did you get that? Tell us more about it, please.