Severe Abdominal Pain Post Surgery

My dad had surgery beginning of August. He had a total gastrectomy and partial esophagectomy. He had one really good week where he was feeling pretty good. Then this last week he has been suffering from horrible abdominal pain. He says he can't take it anymore. He has been taking Oxycodone for the pain but it isn't doing much. He had his surgery at Mayo Rochester but they told him this surgery is very uncommon and they don't really know what his recovery should look like. He can't go on like this and we don't know what to do to help him. He has an ultrasound on Monday to rule out any issues with his gall bladder. Has anyone else experienced this and found anything that might provide relief? Is it possible his intestines are still shifting around even though his surgery was about three months ago?


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    This sounds like more pain that "normal" post surgical pain
    Most people who have had an esophagectomy will state that they had some post surgical pain for a number of weeks after surgery. Many have taken pain management medication for a number of months post surgery. Most of us had some abdominal discomfort, particularly after eating, for a number of months post surgery. If your Dad had Ivor Lewis surgery, (a common esophagectomy surgical technique), pain on the right side can last as long as two years post surgery.

    But the level of pain that your Dad is describing as "unbearable" certainly needs medical investigation. I would not stop asking questions until they get to the bottom of your Dad's symptoms. I don't think this level of pain in normal even with a total gastrectomy.

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    Thinking of You
    Hello and welcome to you and your dad. I agree with Paul above, and thank him so much for his insight. I was a caregiver for my dad, Ray. He lost his battle with EC in March 2010. I can relate with the father/daughter/caregiver relationship. Yes! Ask questions and get answers. Do not give up until you
    do get an answer. No one should have to live with unbearable pain. Glad to hear they are doing ultra
    sound on his gallbladder. This was similar to my dad also. My dad's pain came from a blocked bile duct in his liver though. You might want to ask them to check is liver as well. Keep in touch.
    Tina in Va