Low Dose Naltrexone?

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Just saw this mentioned on another board....anyone use this, try this or research it?


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    In what context was it mentioned?

    It appears to be mainly for addictions. The web page for LDN doesn't appear to have been updated since 2004 and I didn't find anything else newer than 2009.

    For what it is worth, I did find the following:

    In addition to the known scientific uses for low dose naltrexone, there are a number of pseudoscientific claims on various websites (such as "boosting" the immune system) about its use in a wide range of diseases such as cancer, HIV and lupus, amongst others.[10] According to Steven Novella, a noted skeptic with the New England Skeptical Society and professor from Yale University School of Medicine, these claims are not only unsupported by clinical research, but are also contradictory. They claim LDN is able to treat diseases of immune dysfunction (such as HIV) in addition to autoimmune diseases, where improving the immune system could make the autoimmune disease worse. Steven Novella also writes that claims of treating a wide range of diseases with different etiologies should be a red flag to be skeptical about these claims, which are likely to be "bogus treatment with claims that are literally too good to be true."[4]

    Good that you asked and perhaps someone else has more recent or better info.

    Marie who loves kitties
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    Thanks Marie - they said it
    Thanks Marie - they said it was beneficial for cancer, hiv, etc. I was looking at this website too:


    With a little one at my feet all the time, I find it hard to read through pages and pages on a website and thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has experience with it.
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    The drug blocks opiate receptors and was of interest in cancer in late nineties and noughties. There was some suggestion it may promote cancer cell death but don't think it came to much. The idea was blocking your receptors increases your bodys production ofo natural iates promoting well being including immune function to fight cancer. Not aware of colorectal studies in humans (one in mice if you have a pet mouse with rectal cancer). As a complementary approach I think there are better and safer options.

    Not a treatment I would consider,

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    interesting question
    i have been on ldn for about 3 months,
    a good starting point, time will tell.
    not sure about side effect profiles, maybe steve may comment.

    ironically i was given some opium yesterday to fix my diarrhea from removab, it worked but i did not get a buzz i was hoping for alas.

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    Prior to my diagnosis in
    Prior to my diagnosis in March 2011, I sought treatment with a pain specialist in San Diego, CA (no one could figure out what was causing my pain by the way). She did perscribe this for me. She and her collegues were doing studies on using LDN for pain management. It was suposed to stimulate production of glial cells. Don't remember the whole story. Anyway, it did not work for my pain but radiation therapy did :-)
    Best to you,