2 year old dx Anaplastic astrocytoma stage 3


This September my son, Caden, was diagnosed with a diffuse fibrilary astrocytoma. After switching oncologists/hospitals the tumor has been upgraded to a stage 3. Waiting on a third pathology report from Duke University.

We just had our first treatment of carbon/Vinc yesterday. On zofran for nausea, so far he's doing Good.

We had two operations to remove as much tumor as we could(60% removed, rest located in the brain stem-thalamus and midbrain). The rest is inoperable. We spent a total of 7 weeks in the hospital-have had 3 shunts placed, and also blood clots in his brain (in the sinuses). We ate home now(also on blood thinners) and on weekly chemo. May upgrade his doses once this last report comes back.

Looking for any and all advice/support and especially others in or were in the same boat as us.