Choosing the right Center/Dr. ?

T Paul
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I noticed that there is little to no mention of treatment centers such as CTC, Anderson, Emory etc and womdered if discussion of either centers, hospitals or Dr's is refrained from on this forum.

Following my dianosis last week I am making appointments with several who based on what I read and gather from other sources are good and have also picked up less than favorable reviews in cyber world.

Naturally I am looking to choose the right one based on experience and success. Not marketing and colorful pie charts.


Thanks to all.

T Paul


  • laserlight
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    Good question
    Prostate cancer. Treatment centers around what you feel is best. The first item to understand is that where ever you go there is no guarantee that the centers or doctors can 100 percent cure you.

    I have found that you the paitient have to keep a very open line of communication with your treatment team and work with them.

    There are very good Treatment Centers around the States that focus on cancer's and this might be where you choose to be treated.

    If you have questions ask the doctor and push for answers. I always question my doctors on my visit's.

    Above all if things donot look clear, the second opinion is a good place to start.

    The other item that You are starting to do is research the doctor and find out what his standing is.

    Look at all of the treatment methods

    In the end your treatment will center around what you feel is best.

    hope this helps, hang in there Kurt
  • hopeful and optimistic
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    Treatment center and doctors
    Many of us when we were children, idolized baseball players who had over a 300 batting average, and hit lots of homeruns. This was the key conversation that we had. Now, we talk about the doctors who hit lots of homeruns. We want to know about the .300 hitters. Yes it is important to know about the top docs, as a previous poster mentioned, "the rock stars"

    There is no ban at this site as far as discussing docs and institutions. By the way, I think that it's U.S. News and report that ranks the top institutions by speciality.