Update on my Dad, Roy

My dad was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer in 2011, stage III. He had the Ivor Lewis surgery a year ago October. Up until a few months ago, he was doing well. My mom was able to retire, they sold the house and have been traveling the country (after spending the summer with us kids in NH). Dad was in Maine and started having problems in his leg. He thought he was walking around in his Harley boots too long and just cramped up. When it continue to get worse, we all said it was his sciatic nerve. They planned on traveling back to Florida (where he was treated for the EC) after they watched the hot air balloon festival in New Mexico.
Dad had severe pain and could just barely drive back to Florida. They made it there safe and sound and had some tests done today.
The preliminary results show that it is not his sciatic nerve. Cancer was found in his spine. 4 vertebrae show dark spots.
I haven't been on here that much after they were traveling since I didn't have any questions or really much to say.
Now I come on tonight with this news, lost again. I looked at the bone cancer discussion group and just came back on this part because of the connection I feel with all of you.
I am so saddened to learn of Don and Jim's passing. Don and Judy reminded me so much of my parents.
Thank you for letting me vent, we don't and won't have many more answers until next week or so.
God Bless us and be with us all as we go through this fight.
Daughter of Roy


  • Amjosmom
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    I'm so sorry, Beth.
    A lot of folks from here have moved. If you'd like to find them, pm me. I will help you.
  • TerryV
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    Sorry to hear this news!

    I remember your posting when Nick and I were going through Nick's EC. I'm so glad that your dad has had the several months of good times and memories made with your mom and your family. I hope that answers are found that will give your dad a positive outcome.

    You know our prayers are with you!

    PROUD wife to Nick, age 49
    lost battle to EC, June 19, 2012