What kind of help will I need after bilateral mastectomy, SNB and reconstruction?

I live alone and am very independent. However I care for two loving big dogs and have been told that I will need help the first few weeks. I have rides to and from hospital but what else will I need?


  • salls41
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    First, I am sorry that you have to go through this. But with that said, this is the site to be a part of for help. I am sure the other Pink sisters will chime in here with help as well. I had a bi lateral mast. in May and it was not near as bad as I thought but you will need help. The dogs will need to be walked by someone else, you can not lift or pull or push or reach for a few (2) weeks. Lower your dishes, everyday items from your cabinets to within easy reach. As you go through your daily routine before your surgery, think about when you are lifting, reaching, pushing or pulling and make adjustments to avoid that. You will be on pain meds more than likely the first week, so it might be a good idea to have someone with you when you shower.
    Good luck to you.
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    Hi. You must not walk the
    Hi. You must not walk the dogs afraid. No stretching or pulling or ironing etc. Including making beds and lifting. Rest, rest, rest. Read, play games, watch TV. Loose button up front tops, (pygamas are perfect) natural fabrics like cotton. Recliner chair or big comfy chair is best to sleep on until drains taken away. Or try to sleep on your back in bed. I had a hand held shower head to bathe wherever I could including washing hair, which made me feel better. The drains do not smell good but a necessity sadly. When I could use bath I draped drains around neck to keep dry. Everything will be tiring and an effort. Going into chemo is another story, don't know if you are going there. Take pain meds if you need to, it's only for a while. Please keep in touch we are here to chat any time and good luck.