Prostate cancer EVER spread to lungs?

My Uncle has had prostate cancer for about 10 years. He's had every treatment (other than the new one I heard mentioned just a few weeks ago) and it would seem to be gone, then return. Maxed out radiation options. They knew it was active again and this past week ran a bunch of tests before he left for his winter home.

The doctor called them to tell them he has THREE kinds of cancer. I questioned this but my Aunt said the (oncologist in Michigan) doctor told them prostate cancer NEVER goes to the lungs and he has a large lung mass and 'blood' cancer. They're on their way to Florida where he had most of his treatments.

I am only familiar with colon cancer and know when new primary cancer appears and the first cancer is not under control, treatment becomes palliative. Is this the same with prostate cancer? This uncle is 75 and still rides a motorcycle all over the U.S., walks 10 miles a day and looks 20 years younger.

I'd appreciate any help that I might be able to share with them.



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    Prostate Cancer to Lungs
    When prostate cancer metastasizes, it can go to any of a number of organs, including the lungs. Other organs include the brain, bone, liver, and so forth. Actually, prostate cancer spreading to the lungs is not that uncommon for advanced stages.

    I believe your aunt is misinformed.