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Hi all,
I'm a breast cancer survivor (1 yr YAY!)so I also posted on that site. I have been having tenderness and enlargement, I guess you could say of my left lowest rib. Same side my breast cancer was on. That rib has always protruded a bit but it is defiantely sticking out more over the last maybe two weeks. It is tender to the touch as well. Did anyone else have these symptoms? I know curiousity kills cats :) but as you all know after a cancer DX you can't just overlook the little things anymore. All the while trying to keep it all in balance right? Thanks bunches for your input


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    Just get a quick x-ray. Either way knowing is better than all the fun stuff your mind can do! I do have bone mets and many of them had no symptoms, however many of them have a great deal of tenderness. Here's the tricky part: sometimes the pain goes away but the problem is still there.

    Some of my ribs did hurt and I have seen the xrays, they are twisted for sure and if I weren't the size of a planet, you could probably see them sticking out the wrong way :)

    Go get it checked, it will either ease your mind or give you a head start on the problem while it is small!

    Very best wishes for you!