I underwent IMRT and Erbatux in May-June-July and the pain went away in June and returned mid September.
They did an MRI and biopsy verifying live cancer cells.
They did a PET/CT scan and the tumor is there, but has not spread.

Now, I've had a Med Port installed and they commenced Wednesday to start TPF chemo:
Docetaxel(Taxotere) 75mg/m2 iv over 1 hour d1
Cisplatin (CDPP) 75 mg/m2 iv over 1 hour d1
5-FU 750 mg/m2/d civi d1-4
Repeating every 3-4 weeks.
So far so good, I will go home sometime on Mondaty and future cycles will be outpatient.

My ENT Doctor wants to remove my tongue.
My Radiology Doctor has performed Brachytherapy and since he has not performed one in several years, he highly recommends Dr. Demanes at the UCLA Medical Center. He has FedX'd (Overnight)the PET-CT scan to Dr. Demanes and he previously sent the other records and Pathology reports.

The description that my Doctor provided on Brachytherapy sounds impressive:
X-Ray image to guide insertion of catheters to the edge of the tumor and software controlled treatments with machine inserted radiation wire inserted into each catheter for a given amount of time.

Won't know if I'm approved for the treatment until Dr. Demanes review and contacts me.
Anyone have experience with Brachytherapy for Base of Tongue Cancer?