Mantle Cell Lymphoma Support for Loved Ones and/or Spouses/Partners.

JAM-Man Member Posts: 3
Hi, if you would like to join a Facebook Support Group for Loved Ones of... and/or Spouses/Partners of those afflicted with MCL, please contact me (by message) on Facebook at ‘Mcl Lymphoma Spouses.’
To join our groups (one is Caregivers and Loved Ones, the other is specifically for Spouses/Partners of those with MCL) you would need to send a brief, but detailed description of your MCLer’s situation, including place of treatment, treatment regime (chemo type), Drs etc. (This is our screening process to weed out inappropriate applicants.)
Please also send a Facebook Friend Request to me at 'Mcl Lymphoma Spouses' (you will see a blue flower) (this is to join either group- whether you are a spouse/ partner, sibling of, adult child of etc.) You can always block me later.
We have very lively and supportive groups that include people from all around the USA, from Europe, Australia etc. You are welcome to join- it's free.
*Please note that these are not religious groups, and are generic, as they include people from all backgrounds. *We discourage any discussion regarding any specific religion.
*Our groups are Secret Groups on Facebook- meaning any posts you may make cannot be seen by anyone who is not a member of the group. You will see the posts on your newsfeed, but that does not mean anyone else on Facebook can see the posts. -Rachel