Perminate Radation Damage - I need help find some anwsers!!

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I had anal cancer 12 years ago. I almost died from the radiation treatments, and that is the trut5h not a figure of speech. I suffered through twice having my skin burned off in the groin area. I believe I got way too much radiation because of a mistake. I now have narrow Arteries to my legs and they have blocked twice in the last ten months and I have had to have to have surgery to un block them.

My surgeon says that my main arteries are very narrow. I need to find out more about radiation damage, from over radiation. I need to know if there is any treatments, solutions. Any suggestions to find out real information about any of this or doctors that might be willing to openly discuss this would be a great help. please email me at



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    radiation damage

    I'm so sorry you are having to deal with these side effects. I am 3 yrs post tx, and I've heard that the previous tx were horrendous. My doctor told me if I had been going through tx a few years ago I could have counted on being in the hospital. I was fortunate enough to have IMRD radiation, but I still burned severely. (It was my worst side effect.) My doctor said it was about a second degree burn externally and internally. I hope you can find information that will help you deal with your issues.
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    Radiation "The gift that keeps on giving"
    That is a quote direct from my doc. So I survived the burned flesh the aggressive tumor was gone , but. Radiation kills the cancer cells but also kills the healthy cells. In my case the above created a fistula. (tunnel between my anus and my vagina) and with the recommendation for a small easy flap type of surgery to repair said fistula . My next visit was 3 months off and plenty of time to research and consider his recommendation. I had decided to go with the out patient quick flap fix. Another examination following our conversation about said decision and the results showed that in the small time span of 3 months the wall of tissue that separates anus from vagina had thinned so much so as to eliminate the easy flap option from my list of 3 options. permanent Ostemy and repair of fistula. Or surgery to rebuild this tissue from my own healthy tissue. Blah Blah lots of details and major surgery and recovery. The short of it is since I am certain that at the young age of 53 I still would like to have as normal a life as I can . Have normal sexual relations with my husband. Use the toilet and not the ostemy ( if possible) Since my last visit the wall of thin tissue has collapsed altogether and according to my Doc My 2 options are still viable. I will find out in January when I will be having surgery. I sure hope nothing else has disappeared I fear more has thinnned . So When I wonder will the "gift" be done with its giving?