Lisha...Where are you????

Hi Lisha,
I called your house and left a message, but still no word from you. I am hoping your silence is due to you feeling better and that you are out and about doing more activities. We miss not hearing from you! I will call again this weekend and hopefully catch you at home. Take care my dear and know you are in all of prayers.
Much love to you...Sue ((FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

P.S I've been curious if you tried some of the salmon yet?


  • miss maggie
    miss maggie Member Posts: 929
    Oh boy
    Dear Sue,

    Thank you for your efforts. I thought we would hear from Lisha by now. Now, I am worried, especially since Lisha never called you back. I know when I'm away from home, I usally check my answering machine at home for messages. I do this, even though I have a cell phone. I only give my cell number to family and very, very good friends. Otherwise, my cell phone would ring every minute of the day. Unlike others, I detest talking on a cell phone.

    Stay well. Lisha you and Sue always in my prayers. And all. Maggie