Angela/port issue

Hello Angela,
I know today you see the onc about the port, I sure as [email protected] hope they are going to do something STAT! Until your update I didn't realize how "open" his port was, OMG, unbelievable that they let it get to that point. I had a nightmare about my port last night and it was horrible, but the reality of what your husband is going through with it being like that is even worse.
Please let us know what they decide and how they solve it, and let me tell you, every good thought, wish and desire that they fix his open wound up immediately is being sent your way.
Winter Marie


  • mukamom
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    @ Winter So sorry this gave
    you nightmares about your own port.

    The onc looked at it this AM and he said, the thing has popped out! He also said this is an Avastin related complication and it does need to be fixed and Robert does need to come off the Avastin to have it repaired..

    He was happy with last CT results and lab report.

    It was like going home seeing him and all the nurses and staff. It seems Robert is just another cancer patient at UAB.

    I guess we will find out next week what the plan will be with the port. Seems like UAB never gets in a hurry about anything.