Severe fatigue after Taxol/Gemzar??

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My father had his second infusion of Taxol/Gemzar last Monday 10/22. He had issues with diarrhea and bone pain but that has subsided. He started getting very fatigued Monday and has been sleeping a lot. Is that normal 7+ days after infusion to start getting more fatigued?


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    I can only tell you how
    I can only tell you how Taxol treatexd me - we are each unique.

    I did 12 weekly Taxol and the entire time I was completely and utterly EXHAUSTED. I existed either on the couch in front of the TV or in bed. The only sleep I could get was using Ambien. I did manage to get to each infusion as on the day for another one I would feel a bit better. The 'good' part was that as soon as they were over I felt better daily even though I started rads a week after last Taxol.

    The effects of chemo are usually cumulative and can get worse with each dose. Talk to his Dr.