My first post - Follicular CA through capsule had lobectomy, laryngeal nerve damage, still need comp

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I have been reading these boards while getting tests then surgery and worrying myself. So here goes this is my first post. I had my first thyroid surgery about a month ago. I have Follicular Thyroid Cancer that has gone through the capsule. I have some more small nodules on the other side of my thyroid. I was supposed to be having TT on first surgery but my recurrent laryngeal nerve was damaged on the right side so the surgeon stopped the surgery with just the right half of the thyroid removed. He said that he had to stop because of the nerve being damaged if he took the other side out at the same surgery that would be taking a chance on me having to have a tracheotomy if the nerve was damaged on the other side also. My doctor said that when the monitor that was used on the nerve during the surgery showed there was a problem, he went up and down and checked every part of the nerve and there is no visible sign of damage to the nerve. I worry about waiting because I am 47.5 years old and from everything I have read over 45 has worse prognosis. I still have no way to know if any of the cancer has escaped and I guess I will not be able to know until I am able to have the other half removed then do the body scans. I went to my follow up appointment and had that little camera put down my nose to look at my vocal cords and the right one is paralyzed. I have had this nodule the one that was removed which turned out to be the follicular CA since about 1995. I just feel stressed that I have to keep anything else in me that may also be cancer and my be trying to or has already spread to other parts of my body because like I said from what I have read since I am going on 48 years old that could make my stage more advanced and prognosis worse depending on what is found after I have the 2nd surgery then the scans...PLEASE HEAL NERVE, I need to have my second surgery so I can rest again and stop worrying so much. I am so tired and cannot sleep well because I worry soooo much.