My incision line on my affected side has popped open!!

Oh dear, i still have a jp drain in and yesterday about a half inch rupture in my suture line occured, of course surgeon not in on weekends, tried not to freak, it was where there was still some stubborn scabby thing, but it won't let the drain suck properly, having to change and clean area about every hour, not frank bleeding but just reddish clear drainage that should be going thru drain, will be calling surgeon in am to get fitted in, i hope this time he stitches instead of glueing, i hate that glue stuff. Sad part is i'll probably not get to go see my 92yr old father who lives on his own 4hrs away, he hasn't seen my since my lumpectomy and if i can early appt im still gonna try to go tomorrow, i need to see him and he needs to see me, we talk nearly everyday but he needs to see that im gonna be ok, this problem happen to anyone else, im sure it has, i mean i was a nurse for 25 yrs and have taken care of women and men whose suture lines rupture, but this one mine, not quite the same! oh well, this too will pass and be just another side street on this journey. I'd appreciate any feedback, thanks


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    well I didnt have that
    well I didnt have that happen, glad you have it in hand and can get it straightened out. what a pain UGH! BTW had other weird things happen though!!!
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    I had a local recurrence at
    I had a local recurrence at my mastectomy scar. Because the area had been heavily radiated, it wasn't healing well after the re-excision surgery. The stitches popped open when the nurse was removing the stitches.

    Again, because of the radiation, and because I was still doing chemo at the time, the surgeon didn't even try to stitch it back together again. I spent the next 4 months seeing the nurse weekly for wound cleaning and treatment. We used many different treatments, but finally the nurse said, 'it's all skin, there's nothing else I can do.' I still have a hole in my chest, and it still seeps fluid. It no longer bothers me, and is just a part of my daily routine now.

    I'm not sure my story will help you any...I just want you to know you're not alone in this. And if you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM. (click on CSN email in the pinkish/brownish box on the left.)

    Good luck. I hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly.


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    How frustrating about that
    How frustrating about that suture and what a pain in the butt!! I am so sorry you will not be able to see your father.
    I didn't have a rupture like that, but I did have the last nurse before I was discharged not pay attention to what she was doing and pulled to hard on the tubing. It hurt like you know what and I had problems with pain with that side til the day I got them out.
    Hopefully things have been taken care of for you by now.Let us know how you are doing!