Off target, but - an encouraging story

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I myself am Stage 4 RCC but this story is about my mom, in her 80s, who was diagnosed in the past summer with a nasty melanoma. She had it removed but the MDs thought it had spread and were dropping hints that her goose was just about cooked. She was very upset and pessimistic and fatalistic. Except she just got back her pathology results today and it turns out she is now as clean as a hound's tooth, does not even have to do any oncological followup, except checkups, and can sit back and watch her great grandchildren be born and grow up.

Sure, it is not a RCC story but I thought forum members might get a boost from it - it shows you should not jump to conclusions about your condition, even when the signs appear discouraging. Mom went overnight from thinking she had just a few weeks of suffering left out of life - to expecting now to go on kicking in reasonably good health for many a year.


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    The boost
    Just the boost we all need from time to time. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations Mom!