Others on here tell me what this means, if you know???

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I found this on the scan report from my husbands recent visit. It wasn't discussed with us, hopefully because there is nothing to it or maybe because the doctor just had the prelimary report. I am going to call them Monday to see what they say but wanted to see if any of you have seen this before,if so what does it mean? I googled it and think I read it right but wanted to get others thoughts.

Thanks for your help!

There is an ill-defined area of enhancement in the right
hepatic lobe which does not have a discrete correlate on portal venous


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    Hi.....I can take a stab at it for you. An ill defined area of enhancement means the radiologist can not call it a liver met. If he or she were sure it would be "defined". Usually circular and enhanced (lit up) on both venous and arterial phase. Since nobody is mentioning the arterial phase or what's called the delayed image enhancement, it does not worry me as much. The phone call though is a must for a follow up. Usually CT is used to confirm what is seen on an ultrasound. In this case if it's large enough an ultrasound might help, but personally I would insist on an MRI of the liver (abdomen) with and without gadolinium. Hope that helps a bit. Without looking at the images this is a tough one for me to call. Also if creatinine is too high or GFR is out of range, the MRI study would confirm even without the contrast.