Can't wear my dentures

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I finished my treatments 4 weeks ago. I feel much better and I thought I could eat something but when i tried putting my dentures in, it was like they were too small. No way I can afford new dentures after all the medical bills. That's the only thing that's really keeping me from eating, I can't chew without my dentures. My tongue is still sore from the radiation but I still think I could eat some solid food if I could just chew!

I had tonsil cancer with base of tongue, roof of mouth reconstruction and lymph nodes removed


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    be patient
    the swelling takes a long time to go away. I am still on soft foods, seven months out from rads. Your dentures will likely fit later on.

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    Longtermsurvivor is SO right!!
    There is a lot of swelling, and it takes time for it to go down. I thought about getting new dentures before treatment, and now I'm glad I waited. Mine were pretty wore out when I started treatment, but they're comfortable now. If you can puree what you think you'd like to try in a blender, and eat it as a mash. Or stick to soft stuff like mac and cheese, soups, plain icecreams, etc, you'll get a shot at seeing what you can eat without stinging, and that will set you up for when your teeth fit again...The swelling will go down.

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    Swelling and dentures
    Hey there,
    I have been having issues with this for a long time. I have stuck with soft foods. Swelling some days is horrible. Everyone is different, and you had some reconstruction done to boot. On days you can wear them, try....but give yourself some time to heal. I pass by a piece of pecan pie and drool....and sorry just won't puree some foods. We both will get back to using our dentures ! Keep us updated, will be thinking of you ! Katie