Stage 3C Nodular Melanoma Treatments

jls377 Member Posts: 1
I am looking for any bit of guidance and am so grateful for any responses. My cousin was diagnosed with stage 3C Nodular Melanoma a month ago. He went to his primary to have an infected mole on his neck looked at as was misdiagnosed for about a month and a half before the primary burned off the area and had it biopsied. A lot of time was wasted. He had surgery on his neck to remove the tumor and verify that lymphnodes in the area had been impacted. He then had a second neck surgery to remove a second tumor that appeared after the first surgery. The surgeon said that he wanted to hold off on doing a neck dissection because he may need to go back in with several more surgeries to removed new tumors as they sprout up. They are suggesting a series of radiation for several months. Overall the doctors have been less that optimistic and seem to be taking the attitude that it is so aggressive that they need to treat as it evolves. This includes radiation and then regular ultrasounds/pet scans to catch any new tumors and then they would do additional surgeries. I am really looking to hear feedback on any successful treatments people have experienced. Also what ones to steer clear of. There is also a thermotheapy that has come up as an option. The doctors have told him that he is too far along in the staging to do many of the cancer trials or chemo. Any feedback would be so helpful! Positive stories would be uplifting!. I am open to hearing about any and all treatment options including more holistic approaches. Thank you for taking the time to hear our story.