Hello everyone,
My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon cancer in 2010 with mets to the liver. I wont go into details about previous surgeries or treatment but was told it came back this September in her rectum,liver and lungs. (she has already had right hemicolectomy on her colon and 2 liver surgeries previously with about 3/4 of the liver removed).

They did radiation on the intestines this time, with chemotherapy.. she was only able to take one bout of chemo, and stopped radiation after 5 days. They have pretty much sent her home to die. My mom is 54 now and they are talking about getting palliative care people to come to the home. She can't walk hardly due to the edema in her legs and she has inflamed liver and acities in her abdomen, fluid around her lungs. The fluid is not enough to remove but her breathing is impeded. My main concern right now is the liver.. she is getting jaundice now and i need anyones advice on how to decrease liver inflammation because I do not want her to have liver failure. We are trying her on our own alternative therapy for treating the cancer..but we need to get the liver down.. Someone please send me advice.. doctors say theres nothing they can do and I'm not taking that as an answer.


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    Unfortunately, the liver
    Unfortunately, the liver problem could be due to a blocked bile duct (tumor could be causing this), which would require surgical intervention or a stent placed endoscopically. I know, because I had to have this done recently (first an external biliary, and now a metal stent). If your mom can't/won't take anymore medical procedures, there is not a lot you can do. My dad ran into this with multiple myeloma (he passed ~7 years ago), where so much was going wrong at once that they couldn't help him anymore. Very sorry for your situation.