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I was diagnosed with ALL in 2009 at age 19. I went on a 3 year chemo treatment plan (no radiation and no BMT). I am now 23.

I had an extended chemo plan because of my high risk of relapse. I have been in remission since March 2009. I have stopped all drugs since November 2011 as that was my last chemo pill that month.

I have been drug free since Nov. 2011 and cancer free for 3+ years.

Since my last dose of chemo, my cells recovered amazingly fast. Every single test came back amazingly good. That is everything except my platelets.

They have been fluctuating between 112 - 138 (140 is the minimum standard level) since November 2011.

2 months (August 2012) ago they hit the highest since November 2011 and that was 138 count. I just did a test recently (past few days) and they dropped back down to 112.

The last drug I was taking for maintenance cycle was Mercaptopurine (6-MP) and that was known to knock down the platelets levels. I took that one for a very long time (1.5-2 years) every single day.

In July 2012 my doctor said to do a BMB just to be safe about the fluctuating platelets and rule out the tension in the air. The BMB came back as clear and all was well.

It seems like it's just my body taking time to fully recover? Has anyone experienced this before? My doctor said if any relapse happens I will start to feel aggressive symptoms very fast and I have felt like a brand new 120% man since November 2011. Zero problems!

Some things to mention...:

1) My Health and how I feel is 120%.
2) Appetite is 120% (I eat a lot!)
3) I exercise at least 2-3 times a week (school makes it hard to exercise)


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    Hi MortalCleo
    I am so happy to read your story. My beloved 34 year old daughter was dx one year ago with ALL. We do no do Blood transfusions and BMT, so I am thrilled to see how well you are doing with out a BMT. Don't worry too much about the platelets as I write to you this very moment, her platlets are 4, rbc 7, wbc .8. this has occurred many times before and she had to be hospitalized. I find it amazing how the body builds up by itself. I would appreciate if you keep in touch and let us know how you are doing and maybe you can give me some tips. I read sometime back that Shark liver oil helps build up the platelets and my daughter is using that. So take care and enjoy every minute of your new life. Thanks to God.
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    My Experiences
    Hey there. I just wanted to let you know I have had a helluva time with 6mp. Although I am still in the maintenance phase of chemo and take the pill everyday, they fluctuate rapidly. There was a point in time when they went down to 30 and I quit taking the pill and they didn't come up for 3 and half weeks. I know that you aren't taking it any more, congratulations on being cancer free btw!, but I think that drug really messes with your system and you took it for so long that your body is probably just trying to go back to normal. If your BMB came back clear I wouldn't worry about it too much and just pay attention to how you are feeling. I hope this helps. I know what its like to worry, I go there every time by counts drop and don't come back up right away.