Illinois ladies facing bc

justin_Cook Member Posts: 6
I am very curious about all the Illinois ladies who are making this breast cancer journey or who have finished it. Where are you located? What's your diagnosis? Where are you in your treatment plan? How's it going for you?

I thought we might be surprised to find somebody right in our own back yard that could use some encouragement or company.

I'll start us out. I live in Bloomington. I was diagnosed in Nov. 2006 with IDC cancer, 1.4 cm. er-, pr+, her2-. Stage 1 but that horrid Grade 3. Had an excisional biopsy that came back without clear margins. Went to Peoria to an excellent breast surgeon. Had a lumpectomy with sentinel node biopsy. Nodes and margins were both clear. Now I'm headed for my first CMF chemo on Jan. 26th. I'm very nervous about the chemo, which I dread more than any other part of the journey, I think.

Hop on here and tell us about yourself. There may be some of us that are even close enough we could meet for an outing some time.