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    A lot of stress
    Oh Angela,

    All the things you set your mind and heart to, the new jobs, etc. were really stressful. You are my hero. God bless you for putting yourself out there. Even a person with perfect health would feel stressed and tired. But us, with our history, well I don't even know how you visualized it, much less pulled it off for as long as you did.

    I hope you can work your schedules where your naps come first.

    I am having a hard time also since I have bronchial issues and asthma and have had to take antibiotics twice already this fall. I went for a CT scan with contrast yesterday since the Oncologist wanted to get a little better look at my lymph glands in my chest. This of course, freaked me out but I went and the test results should be back by Tuesday. But even if I didn't have these things going on, it sounds like reading all these posts, it is normal to have a time getting back to a full schedule. I am more bummed about my voice, which is suffering so much I resigned from my church job on Sunday (on Monday I changed my mind, which was fine with the Music Director, thank God). Also thank God the Otolaryngologist said the vocal chords are fine, just a lot of inflammation around them. It's my body's way of protecting them, I guess. He has great credentials. I feel lucky to have so many great doctors, if not so great for needing them in the first place:-)

    It's a beautiful day outside but I am just going to watch TV and knit. I am having a wonderful time knitting. It is a great hobby to do when resting. I am also making many gifts and it is nice to think of those I love while resting.

    Good luck with your new job. It sounds perfect.

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    Angela_K said:

    Thanks to all.
    I gave my notice yesterday. After Cobra expires I can move forward without having to use employer group insurance and it isn't nearly as much of a financial burden as I had once thought.

    Disappointed that I couldn't continue my beloved Pilates teaching, or jogging, or heavy weight training due to stenosis of the spine beginning at my C2 and running all the way down my back, I was upset and a little depressed when I took this sales mgmt job. WHAT was I thinking?

    In searching insurance options yesterday, my broker, whose office has a STELLAR reputation in town, told me that she would bring me into her group of agents if I wanted to get my GROUP I insurance license again and continue to get licensed in life, and property & casualty. I could work my own hours. :) I think that suits me to a T. It just fell into my lap.

    Soooo, no more pity party for me. And I slept in until 8:15 am! Wow! Thank you guys for reminding me that I'm not old and tired. I'm young and energized. But just not the energizer bunny. My cut-off time is just a little earlier than what it used to be!

    Good for you!
    You are really blessed to be able to quit your job. Good for you! Sounds like you are headed to a better quality of life and that is terrific!
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    Hang in there
    Angela ... I too had a year off from work. I've been back now for a year and I'm just about 2 years post treatment. I'm still tired, but it's getting better! I hope the Bio-identical hormones help and your fatigue will get better. A bit of self pity is okay ... I had that same party this morning. Hang in there .... this too will pass. You're one of the strongest women on this site! Allow a bit of a down moment ....

    Sending you support and love. xoxo