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My father was "diagnosed" with Glioblastoma although there has not been a biopsy. We were told that prognosis is poor and due to age (94 years young) it would be best to take him home and let him live out his days without ravages of treatments, radiations and surgery. A very difficult decision especially without knowing 100% for sure. I have read about alternative therapy. I feel I Have to turn over ever stone for my Dad as he has been a true fighter and shows desire to live his life. Until 2 months ago, when seizures started to show up he was living alone, cooking, driving and enjoying a productive life. He was diagnosed yesterday with a 4 cm lesion on his brain. I feel completely helpless right now with options of doing nothing or aggressive approach of surgery, chemo, radiation and nothing in between. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    You have a very


    You have a very difficult decision to make or maybe you have already made it. I can tell you that radiation to the brain is pretty harsh or it was in my experience with my daughter. She was a healthy 21 year old girl going to school full time and working 2 part time jobs, working out and enjoying life. That all changed with radiation. Radiation was 5 days a week for 6 weeks. The swelling in the brain was treated with Dex (a necessary evil steroid)which caused even more problems (weight gain, hair thinning, skin sensitivity, joint and body pain, insomnia). Sensation in her left side was compromised by the radiation treatments as well as fatigue. She did not feel well enough to work or go to school during this time. I am only referring to the radiation to the brain. My daughter has a different type of tumor and it is located in the brain stem. If the docs wanted her to try radiation again, she would deny the treatment. However, I do not regret trying radiation because treatment is limited to trial studies and there is no cure for her.
    Sorry this may not be much help, but my advise would be to go with your gut and don't look back. Know that whatever you choose you are trying your best to make it right for your dad.

    Good Luck and God Bless