Graves desease

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I'm a Breast cancer survivor for 3 1/2 yrs.
After Chemo and Rads I developed Hypothyroidismn.....fine for three and a half years, then I lost twenty pounds very quickly...many tests later found out I have Graves.
The thyroid is very complex, any help or knowledge of Graves would help me, Thanks ahead of time.


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    I had graves disease about 7
    I had graves disease about 7 years ago, well maybe I still have it. I understand you only treat the symptoms. I had the radioactive iodine treatment and then I went hypo. I take synthroid daily now. I had alot of horrible symptoms with graves that is why I went to the doctor. The treatment was not difficult for me. Had to stay isolated from kids and family for a few days, no big deal. It is the same treatment they use to treat thyroid cancer just not as high of a dose. Definitely need to take care of it, I felt terrible for a long time before my diagnosis. Was so glad to find out what was wrong with me. Best of luck to you.