All you mouth breathers....

Ya know when I had the horrible mouth sores during the 5FU treatment...the most painful part of any day was the beginning, when I woke up after having breathed thru my mouth all night. Everything that was wet stung horribly in the morning, and I really needed to get my mouth wet...On the third round of 5FU my husband brought home those little Breath Right strips...they REALLY work!! If your nose gets stuffed up at night, and that's why you end up breathing thru your mouth...try them...I haven't woken up with leather tongue in over a month. (when the mouth sores were at their peak, I was trying to sleep in the recliner, because I could try and keep my fist under my chin and keep my mouth shut...with the Breath Rights I could sleep in bed and get some GOOD rest)...



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    nasal irrigation
    Hi Phrannie,
    I used the nasal strips a lot before I was diagnosed with NPC. I had right nostril obstruction (due to the tumor mass) but at that time I thought it was from rhinitis medicamentosa (rebound nasal congestion caused by vasoconstrictor overuse). Unfortunately this assumption delayed my diagnosis. Only when I noticed the enlarged lymph node, I realized something was wrong, but even then it took other 2 months until I was treated (you need to wait quite a bit to be seen by a specialist, here in Canada).
    Anyway, after a while the nasal strips didn’t work anymore (as it was a mechanical obstruction). During the treatment, the obstruction disappeared fairly quickly. Unfortunately I experienced a lot of nasal secretions that blocked by nostrils and I wasn’t able to breathe by nose, until I started using nasal irrigation with saline (it’s a NaCl and bicarbonate solution actually). That worked very well, and I am still using it to clear my nasal passage.
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    Gonna try
    I've been thinking of this for awhile. And they really work hunh ? I too tire of the darn recliner...for the first 6 months it was my best friend....but MISSING my bed ! I also have rotten sinuses due to allergies. Hate the nose sprays. Thanks gonna try these ! Katie