Neumega for Low Platelts

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Good morning...

Has anyone had experience with Neumega for low platelets? I am researching it now and am going to ask my doctor about it next Monday.

I read the following:

In a study in which Neumega was administered to non-myelosuppressed cancer patients, daily subcutaneous dosing for 14 days with Neumega increased the platelet count in a dose-dependent manner. Platelet counts began to increase relative to baseline between five and nine days after the start of dosing with Neumega. After cessation of treatment, platelet counts continued to increase for up to seven days then returned toward baseline within 14 days.


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    Never heard of it, but I
    Never heard of it, but I did look it up.....always freaks me out when I get to the warnings about adverse reactions. Wonder if there is a way to see/test you for an allergic reaction to this. It almost sounds like it's a human growth hormone but I don't know. Hopefully someone will chime in with some knowledge about this.