Dave Post Op Day 6

Things continue to go pretty well, but not without some complications to just set me on edge! :) We've been plagued with low blood pressure, hoarseness, mild aspiration (but no danger of pnuemonia, at least that I am aware of) and leakage at his neck and lower incision by his navel. They are taking him in for a CT scan this morning to assess the fluid/drainage, whether it is external or internal. Will just have to wait and see what happens. In the grand scheme of things he's holding his own, but little things keep cropping up. He's getting fabulous care at Hopkins, and of course is in ICU for a few more days.


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    ICU Sounds like the right place to be!!
    It sounds like Dave has a few things they need to stay on top off so it sounds like he is in the right place. After my surgery I had some issues with low blood pressure and an infection in my incisions. It extended my stay in the hospital a bit but they got things under controlafter a few days.

    Sending prayers Dave's way.

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