mother recently diagnosed..3

hi to all...

ilovekitties.. thank you muchly for your posts. :)

mom started radiation today. not sure about anything since i haven't talked to her today. (kinda wishes she was little more of a techie to keep her phone with her so i could text!) texting isn't much but again when your in different parts of the province, it helps.

i'm kinda wondering for everyone that has colorectal cancer, is it genetic for all?? As i was told with my moms, that it was for me, and had to be checked by the time i was 40 or so...


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    Dear Chick
    You are very welcome about the posts. I know from my own experience when new here that all this is very daunting. With the help of folks here, it can get a bit easier.

    No, colorectal cancer is not genetic for all. There was no history of it in my family.

    I do have a suggestion for you. If possible, get checked sooner rather than later. It seems colorectal cancer is being found in younger and younger folks every day. I would suggest that you get a colonoscopy by age 30 instead of 40, particularly since tests show it is genetic in your family. Doctors seem to be reluctant to do them early for some reason. But a clear test now will give you some confidence that the next one in 5 years will also be clear.

    I had a chuckle with your comment about mom and the phone and texting. I am a bit of a techie, but when it comes to cell and texting I just don't do I figure why wear out my fingers when I can just

    Wishing mom good results from her treatments and you more peace of mind as you share this journey with her.


    Marie who loves kitties
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    not Genetic for me either
    Hi one in my family had colon cancer before me. When i found out that i had colon cancer the Dr. did say that when i do have kinds they will need to be checked when they turn 20. they said if you get colon cancer they like to check your kids 10 years earlier from when you were dignosed.
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    I think so
    I was dx with stage 4 June 09 and then because of my mom having similar symptoms in mar 10 she got a colonosopy and sure enough she was dx stage 1. She had surgery and tumor removed. She has Ned since. I had a cousin dx stage 4 2011 but unfortunately he passed within 6 months because of comblications from surgery. So yes I believe colon cancer is herietary and I encourage all relatives to get colonosopies. Pray you are welland all you relatives too. Jeff
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    My husband's surgeon
    My husband's surgeon suggested he (and our kids) be tested for Lynch Syndrome. He did not have any family history, although strangely enough his cousin's husband was also diagnosed with stage 4 just a couple of weeks earlier. There is a possiblility my husband's was caused by a previous radiation (which is what we are hoping so the kids aren't at risk) but the surgeon said there may also be a Lynch link between colorectal, breast and prostate cancers. His mom had breast and his dad has prostate.

    You should just make sure to get tested early to avoid late stage....if you get it at all. I hope your mom does well.