All over body pain after chemo is finished

kacee999 Member Posts: 110
Just some food for thought here. I completed chemo February - May 2012, and radiation from May thru June 2012. In February I was given Levoquin and a steroid at the beginning of each chemo process. I also had a Neulasta shot. Side effects of both Neulasta and Levoquin can be extreme body (bone and muscle) pain. I was an unlucky recipeient of this pain. I have had it now for 9 months with no abatement. Living on vicodin and narco and having to psych myself out of bed each morning. My oncologist shrugged like he didn't understand this. I finally said enough is enough and went to a Rheumatologist who put me on LYRICA last week. I am SHOCKED at how fast it worked. Lyrica is basically for Fibromyalgia. I noticed a difference the second day. I will be taking two 75mg a day (not now...just one per day for the first week) and am already getting dramatic results. Also, I suffer from chronic fatigue. I was put on Nuvigil (after trying Provigil) and has helped amazingly. Just passing along to others who are going through this. Apparently not everyone experiences it, but I have been on boards long enough to know a significant number of people are really debilitated by this pain (and fatigue) CAN be helped.