Mother recently diagnosed 2

Sorry in advance for short hand spelling am using my phone to write this.
Im sitting here at the cross with my nan (was late getting here) so i never got to see mom before she went... She went in all by herself. Didnt want my nan to go with her. Shes goin in to get radiation started and to get a permanent cvc (i believe its called too much info running through the brain)
I cant imagine what could possibly be running through my moms head right now. Shes impossibly being stubborn on the fact that she does not want a coloscopy bag... When it looks very much that she will have to have one permantly... Her dignity is hurt to say the least.. I think if she gets 5 yrs ven 5 more days with a bag she should do it.. Feels like im selfish in saying or believing that but who wouldnt for their mom or dad or whomever! So as time goes with this we will see...

I appreciate everyone who did read and post a comment from my last posting... I did mean to continue writing and just couldnt.


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    Best to your mom
    I take it that your mom is in for a radiation treatment and that she will likely get a perm colostomy or ileostomy.

    Please tell your mom that life can be good with either ostomy. I was 62 when I got mine due to cancer surgery. There is no lost dignity. There are millions of folks who have one and you probably pass some of them without knowing.

    One of the best resources I had, other than my ostomy nurse, was the book “The Ostomy Book: Living Comfortably with Colostomies, Ileostomies, and Urostomies [Paperback]
    Barbara Dorr Mullen (Author), Kerry Anne McGinn RN BSN OCN (Author).” It was loaned to me by my ostomy nurse, but you can buy your own copy on or probably at your local book store.

    It was written by Mother (who had the ostomy) and Daughter (who is ostomy nurse) so you can believe they know what they are writing about.

    We can help here with any questions or issues she may have with it.

    Hope that things get easier for you both as time moves forward.

    Marie who loves kitties