3+ yrs NED!!

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I finished tx in May '09 and my follow up tests for this year were scheduled for late May/early June. However my Mom passed in late May so I had to reschedule. I saw my colorectal dr. last month (DRE) and I just saw my med. oncologist today for the results of my last CT scan and everything looks good. I wanted to share the good news especially with those whom are starting tx or have recently completed it. This cancer can be beaten!

I want to ask the folks on this board whether anyone has had any bladder issues? My gyn said she thought she felt that my bladder was harder when she did my pelvic exam and the CT scan showed a thickening of part of the bladder wall as well, probably attributed to radiation. (I did try to go into rad tx with a full bladder but I had a 4 cm tumor.)
In addition to the urgency associated with BMs, I'm having urinary urgency as well. My gyno thought that my bladder is not stretching as far as it use to due to the rad damage and I just wondered if anyone has experienced this? Of course I'm getting older, so I don't know what are side effects and what is just part of the aging process. Bottom line is I am glad to be here to deal with our new normal. :)


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    Dog Girl
    Great news for 3 years ned. I completed tx 6-30-09. I have had to urinate more than before the radiation, but its getting better, whereas, I am not having to go as much. I drink about 60 ounces of water a day. I wish you well, Lori
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    Same Here
    I have more frequent urination now after tx. I am 3 years 8 months post treatment. I urinate many times per day.
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    Me too
    It feels like I am always going, especially at night. It is hard for me to get a good night's sleep. I wonder if it will get better. I am one year post treatment.
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    Wishing you good health always!
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    congrats to you
    my urologist did a cystoscope and said that i had radiation damage to my bladder but so far nothing bothers me. i have always urinated many times due to water. congrats again. get a cystoscope to check bladder.. might answer some questions... sephie
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    I'm so glad you got all good news on your CT scan! That's wonderful and I thank you for sharing it with us!

    As for bladder issues, I really have not had any issues. However, my rad onc advised me before I began treatment that they might be a possible side effect of the treatment. The thickening that is felt in your bladder could be scar tissue, which would make sense, and also cause your bladder to not stretch as it once did. I hope that the problems are tolerable for you.

    Best wishes for continued good news on future exams!