Chemo round 3 done

hey all , been away for awhile, just finished round 3 of chemo 3 drug cocktail courtesy of that nasty infusion pump. So, I got the good news bad news deal, the bad news is my Ono added a round, round 4 no one does 4 rounds. The good news is that now no chemo with radiation. Only have to deal with pain management instead of being hurt and sick. The other good news is on my last follow up Ono said she couldn't feel or see anything on my neck! It's tough to remember that chemo is your friend , the worst thing about chemo for me is taste! Everything taste bad. Anyone know how long before taste buds get back to some semblance of normal. Like to here your input and experiences.

In Christ, Kevin


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    I had 6 rounds of chemo.....
    The first three were Cisplatin only, every three weeks....then I had 3 more with Cisplatin, and a take home fanny pack of 5FU, every 4 weeks....I started my first chemo on April 24, and took home my last fanny pack on August 28...The first three were given during radiation (7 weeks, 35 treatments). I didn't have taste during radiation, and the 5FU turned my mouth into hamburger, so I couldn't eat or drink anything...but now, a month out of chemo and 3 1/2 months out of radiation I do have some taste coming back. It gets fatigued after 4 or 5 bites, but just having some the first few bites prompts me to keep eating....besides they told me to gain 5 lbs, and they pull the tube!!

    Some things did have some taste tho, during chemo and rads....My sister made me cauliflower and cheese soup...I could taste that...and I could taste milk (which always tasted good) seemed the blander the food, the more I could taste. Ya gotta admit tho, the lack of taste helps get those vanilla Ensures down...LOL.

    Glad you checked in...I find myself wondering about all you guys who just check in now and then...

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    Ten Rounds of Chemo
    If you are only dealing with loss of taste from chemo, usually (or at least with me)...two weeks max.

    First week of chemo, no taste after the first day or so..., slowly coming back week two, by week three it was back.

    Now if you had rads..., it could take a good six months to a year or more to get the majority of your taste back...if you are lucky.

    Actually, there have been a few that have had more than three rounds of chemo.

    If you look at mine for instance...STGIII Tonsils HPV+

    I had three rounds, three weeks apart of Cisplatin, Taxotere and 5FU. Then I had an additional seven rounds of Carboplatin... Seven weeks of concurrent weekly chemo and 35 days of radiation.

    So in reality, I had ten rounds of chemo...