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Just curious how many of you got rid of your first oncologist? My mom is at her wits end with hers. She had a set back about a week after her last chemotherapy treatment and had to be hospitalizes with severe clots in her leg. She was in the hospital for a week and a half and is currently at the hospital closer to our home doing rehab to get her leg strength back. For 3 weeks now she has been unable to get chemo. The doctors at this hospital have been trying to reach out to her oncologist ( who is affiliated with another hospital) His office or staff have not returned any calls. The entire time she was in the hospital she was receiving her chemotherapy treatments at she did not see him once. I know doctors have a lot on their plate but in 3 weeks for him to not even check in or return a phone call has my blood boiling.


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    That would make my blood boil too. What options do you have for switching? I think it is important to have an oncologist you trust...I didn't switch myself. I was incredibly lucky first time. My oncologist gave me his cell phone and I can call 24/7 -- he returns calls within minutes. I know that is unusual -- I'm just saying.....

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    That is bad
    I don't blame you for being mad. Not to come around for so long is not right. Pray she get well soon. Jeff
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    did you set up an appt with her onc to see her @ the hospital when getting chemo tx? my tx last yr i needed to set up appts as it was not an automatic visit by the onc. i was ok with that bc i did not have prob that required him. i did have a required by my onc a 1 visit per month but it was my responsibility to call. if i wanted to see him each chemo i just needed to call & set up an appt. your Moms' onc, hospital, & attending dr have prob been in touch with each other. i would call the attending dr & the onc & ask that all reports be sent to you so you have a record of what is going on. i do not rely on any one else to contact someone & if needed after 1 day i pick up the phone & call. too many times a hospital will tell you they call but they do not for whatever reason. not taking sides but is the onc on vaca? you need to call the onc & set up an appt to talk abt this as this is a communication prob. also the hospital attending dr was in charge (& the onc secondary) so after being released by them it is the patients' responsibility to call the onc. i hope this helps you. the bottom line is do not rely all the time on others to call & do not hesitate to call the onc or any dr yourself. best of luck to you!
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    1st onc
    My first onc was a real jerk, so I fired him. Went to my surgeon with three potential new ones. She gave me a referral, and I still have the 2nd onc 30 months later. She is a real gem. When my wife told me I could not fire my Doctor, I said I'm paying him and I don;t want to any more. Get anew Onc at the hospital you like, someone you can have faith in. Goof luck!!
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    It is a common issue to not
    It is a common issue to not use the first Onc. I was referred to an uninformed Onc as my first consult. We had learned I had cancer and what type via appendix removal. We had two weeks to read, and our GP was emailing us articles to help in our research. The first oncology appointment, we had a list of 20 questions. She could not answer anything! She knew exceptionally little about current therapies and was apparently using an old cancer manual. I would not be here if we had listened to her. She also charged us the most for our appointment! ($400 for 10 minutes) We also advised our GP to never recommend her again.

    Best Always, mike
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    MY Daughter got rid of hers
    MY Daughter got rid of hers , she was not kind, now she is so happy she has a new young one and very nice!
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    MY Daughter got rid of hers
    MY Daughter got rid of hers , she was not kind, now she is so happy she has a new young one and very nice!

    If she was getting chem.
    If she was getting chem. who authorized what she was getting, someone at the hospital where she was being treated for the blood clot.....or did her oncologist advise them of the protocol she was on. Did an oncologist from the hospital she was staying at set up her chemo., I cannot see a hospital administering chemo. without an oncologist approving it, they'd be checking her blood work etc. before it being administered. I suppose if she was on xeloda and had the 14 day supply of pills ahead of time, but still, a doctor should have been advised before she took anything. What chemo. was she on??
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    I love mine- 4.5 years later
    I love mine- 4.5 years later and he says I will always be his patient. I was hospitalized 2x post chemo for issues that I guess could have been cancer related, but they weren't. The first time I came in by ambulance (his office is a short walk to the hospital). He met me in the ER! I was like cripes, don't you have anything better to do? He just laughed, said he was eating lunch and the call came up that I was coming in (I didn't know they did that). Said he always wants to make sure the right tests are done and orders understood for a cancer patient. I said, "but I am not even your patient any more!" That's when he said, "ah yes you are and you always will be!" When things were fine, he swung by my hospital room and said he would leave me in the hands of the hospital doctors now.... But over and over and over again, total of 3 times hospitalized while under going treatment, he hands down was not only an active part of my care, but I used to see him up to 5-6 times a day- the last one at 9pm! The nurses laughed, said he was always there. I trust him with my care and am so grateful he is my oncologist.
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    You would not hesitate firing someone for alot less
    Don't feel bad if you feel your Mom is not getting appropriate attention/treatment. My first Onc is/was great. If he was not I would have moved on. interview others with your Mom and help her make the decisions. Her health is of utmost importance and she does not need that additional stress. And if she ends up firing the Onc do not feel bad it is an investment in her future health. For someone on chemo in the hospital - the Onc should have checked in on her - 3 weeks is a long time.
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    Don't trust doctors
    I have had the same Onc for the last ten years. I have gone through two bouts with colon cancer during that time. In 2011 my chemo ended with ascites (swelling and fluid) in my abdomen. My onc said no worries it's the liver adjusting to the end of chemo and the ascites would go away. I ended up in intensive care for 10 days and the hospital for another 24 days. I nearly died. Why?... the chemo had damaged my liver and gave me cirrhosis which my Onc ignored the symptoms...he's a busy man being the head of the department and a renowned researcher in cancer. So I tried to get another ONC and was told others would take me as a patient but my needed tests and treatments would be delayed while my medical files were transferred and reviewed and a course of treatment established. Many said I should say with him because there is no one better in the field. Of course none would say his neglect resulted in cirrhosis. So rock and a hard place time. To coin a phrase from the movie War Games "the only way to win is not to play". In other words the the only way to live is not to trust doctors. Best of luck Lou