Salvestrol Platinum

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After looking into Salvestrol Platinum, is this the drug to replace drugs like Zytiga? Can not find a list of side effect, but all reports say its the next fight against advanced metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer!!!

Does anybody know about this drug?

I think my days with Zytiga are at the in of it days. Maybe 2-3 months.

Zytiga is still a good drug!


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    Did some reading on this and not many doctors talk about it, just individuals. I worry about individuals because you can never be sure if they are real, or just someone promoting their product.
    I mentioned a week ago about these researchers in CA who had applied to start human trials. Their tests killed all the cancer cells in petri dishes and in rats. They said no side effects. I would look into that. Try the other stuff because it might help. I would also check on other trials.

    Good luck brother,