HELP! Triple Negative and HER2

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I am hoping that one of you will be a supportive friend and guide for me. I am so scared as I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with breast cancer. Good news is I already had a double mastectomy, clear nodes stage 1 and am feeling sore but rather well.
I have been to one consult with an oncologist last night. I thought I was an intelliegent woman who has now learned that I am actually rather ignorant as I have no idea what this all means.
He is recommending 12 weeks of taxatier and cytoxin along with 52 weeks of herceptin. He is making it seem like I can work and love fairly normally through this with just side effects from the two chemo drugs a few days after treatment. He even said Id be ok to travel to MEXICO on a ore planned trip during treatment. Is he trying to make me feel better or can this actually be true?
Any thoughts?


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    I am Triple Negative, Stage 1C
    diagnosed 8/19/10 after the second lumpectomy to get clean margins. I had 4 rounds of Cytoxan/Taxotere and 2 of Cytoxan/Taxol 3 weeks apart. I also had 33 rads. I worked through the whole treatment. I would take Friday off for the chemo and get my shot of Neulastin on Sunday. Then on Tuesday I would need to take off due to joint pain sometimes. I think that I only ended up needing to take 9 days off total. The rads were every morning before work.

    About taking a trip, after a few rounds of treatment, you'll get to know when your good weeks are. I stayed close to home and was told that since my immune system was compromised, it would be better to stay away from people, eat only cooked food and try to stay healthy.

    I don't understand why you are having 52 herceptin treatments if you are Triple Negative? My onc did not recommend that for me, nor did he offer any hormones as he said with TN, nothing would be effective. So now, I just go to see my MO every 4 months for a check up, blood work and tumor marker test and get mamos/ultra-sounds every 6 months.

    Good luck.
  • Melaniedoingwell
    triple negative
    I was triple positive, so my experience would not be the same. So saying, however, I recommend you go to and investigate that site. They have ALL sorts of information that may be very helpful and informative to you. Remember to be your own BEST advocate!!
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    TNBC Stage 2
    I am/was TNBC stage 2 and had 6 rounds of taxitere,adriamycin,and cytoxin. Bi lateral mastectomy. I worked going through Chemo part time. It kicked my butt, but I am 52 and was not in great shape at the time. We are all different in how we react to Chemo.. Some folks have gone through it, worked full time, continued to go to the gym for daily work outs and kept up the home front. I stayed away from anyone and anything that was in least bit germy. I kept hand sanitizer in my car and at work and in my purse! I was a fanatic about my immune system :) But again, we are all different. Just giving you my experience.
    Good thoughts to you!