update on my Dad

Zoe1 Member Posts: 22
I promised myself I would not post here unless I have good news for my dad .... but can't help myself . I am so sad that William is not here anymore ..he was the first one who replied to my plight and wanted to tell him my dad's progress. it so sad he's not here in this site anymore but i hope he can read it. And to Shammi whose dad was diagnosed almost the same time as my dad (we both lived in India) but his dad could have surgery while my dad could not. I was envious of Sham since his dad could have surgery and was shock to learn of his passing away so soon.
My dad is still fighting. Like I said before about his stage lots of bone contention... some oncologists said he is stage iv while others said stage 3 c . Anyway he's still here getting better slowly, he was not a candidate for surgery only chemoradiation.

We finished our chemoradiation april '12 end . He has neuropathy in his feet, muscle pain back pain, fatigue ....sometimes fever on and off but as off now he's feeling much better... he eats decent meal, just maintaing his present weight thou not gaining any even thou we want him to.

We have been doing lots of alternative. On our last visit to his onco ( his pet scan was not good according to us) he told us he just want to see his blood work and cretinine and all was good by the grace of God. His onco didn't want to do anything else like mri etc which made me uneasy but I guess it was better for him he would not have survived another chemo etc so soon being still quiet weak from all his treatment.
He is getting better slowly with lypospheric vitamin c, ahcc etc etc... I only hope and pray that he won't have a set back and continue to do well.

I have been praying for all of you here and will continue to do so. I thank God everyday day for my father ..I don't think he could have lasted this long without all the alternatives. With God's help we hope he will live for a longtime and be cured of this horrible disease.

Praying for everyone here and all the brave people who are taking this disease head on. I am so proud of you all ..those who are still fighting with positive attitude ..that's the way to go. We can conquer anything if we put our minds to it and with God by your side anything is possible.

Cancer nowadays is just a disease like diabeties... some die some don't, it's controllable now with all the alternative treatment out there.

Be brave and be positive, so many survivors out there why not you.

God bless