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Hello JoAnne,

I would like to welcome you, although I wish you didn't have to be here. I never thought I would be here but here I am because I have a brother who is suffering with this disease. Although my brother, Ray Jr. is stage 4 and in July of this year they only gave him one month to live, I do know there are many Stage III EC patients that are survivors.

I would like to say I hope your mom improves after her triple bypass surgery.
My dad had to have triple bypass many years ago and he did quite well, of course he didn't have cancer so I don't know how having the bypass will affect your mom's chances of having chemo and radiation treatments. I do know how chemo can have some very bad side effects perhaps this is the surgeon's fear for your mom, especially after having bypass surgery. But as most would agree on this site it would be wise to seek a SECOND OPINION. Then you could rest knowing you have done all you can for your mom. Otherwise you will always wonder if perhaps your mom could have really withstood the treatments but you failed to find out by not getting that second opinion.

As you stated yourself, "I can't help but think we should seek another opinion." So go with your own instincts.

I don't know if you heard of William Marshall that was here on this site, but he is a 10 year survivor and I know he would love to tell you his own personal experience and how having that SECOND OPINION changed his life.
I so wished my brother would have seeked for a second opinion when he was first diagnosed.
I'm sure you have so many questions so when you do find the surgeon that you feel is the right one for your mom be sure to write all your questions down. Take along a small tablet of paper and pen and be sure to write down the answers to your questions as well.
Don't be afraid to speak up. You have that right to ask anything and everything on behalf of your mom.
If you're like me I can go into my doctor's office with questions that I intend to ask only to find that when I leave I can't believe all the questions 'I forgot' to ask him so make sure you do write down your questions.
I hope you find the help you need for your mom soon.
The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is highly recommended for the Minimally Invasive Ivor Lewis Esophagectomy. If your Mom gets to be eligible for surgery, the surgeons would certainly want the least invasive procedure, since she has already been through so much and that would be the MIE.

Hopefully, William Marshall will be back on the site soon. He is so very knowledgeable, his references are still being used by many here. They are all well documented and from reputable hospitals and medical centers. So here are two references for you to check out information about Esophageal Cancer. For one you can see on another topic that there is a posting by Bailey1459 called "Advice for the Newly Diagnosed." Also, Paul61 often uses some of William's references from UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) I will post that one here for you.

William W. Marshall was 66 when he was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer Stage III (T3N1M0). I see your Mom is only 62.
For your information four centimeters is 1.5748 inches and while that is not seen as early, it is still considered operable when there is no nodal involvement near or in another major organ. Simply click on the blue line of text and the site should come up for you.

Here is the UPMC site where Esophageal Cancer treatment is defined together with proper tools for staging and treatment protocol .

HERE is an excellent article as to the importance of a SECOND OPINION

As stated before I have a brother who was diagnosed in 2010 with stage 4 esophageal cancer.
So much we did not know about this horrible disease, but I am learning by researching and by the many posts I have read here, especially from William Marshall.

My brother has suffered greatly these past 2 years and I often wonder if things would be different if he and his wife went for a second opinion, because they told him as well that he was not a candidate for surgery.

I will praying that your mom will regain her strength back quickly and for God to give the doctors the wisdom to know how to best treat her.