Update on Jr.

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Jr. went to his oncologist today and the oncologist told him, "he is a walking miracle."
For them to see Jr walking in the door is in itself a miracle.

Jr. has surpassed the time limit that all of his doctors gave.

But his blood count is low so he has to go to the hospital this Friday for another blood transfusion.

Don't know what can be causing his blood count to be low since he is no longer on chemo.

The doctor did want the name of that Essiac tea that Jr is taking so he can research it.

Many believed Jr would be gone way before now but I am a firm believer that God is the One that has the last word.

As you know Jr was given only one month to live back in July!!!


  • jgwright
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    We Love Miracles
    See, miracles can still happen!!! I'm very happy for Jr. and for YOU. Take care.

    Hugs from us all.

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    Hi rose20
    Am so happy about

    Hi rose20

    Am so happy about Jr still fighting, believe it or not been praying for him everyday, it breaks my heart to hear all the sad stories here. I too am so scared for my dad he's still fighting but getting better everyday with the help of God.

    I am so glad to see your update ..i hope he continues to do well and hopefully be cured of this dreaded disease one day. I will never give up and i hope you won't too. The moment I heard my dad's cancer I've been doing all that I can ..be it research or supplements/alternative etc, so that I won't ever regret that I have not done enough and also believing that prevention is better then cure ...we can still prevent the cancer from killing!!
    I am a bit obsessed on my laptop the whole time lol ...doing my research day in and day out. Cancer happens because of something chronic or severe deficiency and if we nourish our body and give the nourishments, supplement and things that we lack in our body , I believe we can counter the cancer and not let it spread further.
    Cancer has effected me deeply, I am more spiritual now then before and God fearing ... am sad that it took this disease to to really appreciate God but I know in the end he will heal my dad.

    I will keep praying for Ray jr . There's nothing God can't do ..he even wakes up the death so why not cure a sick person..

    God bless