Update---Hematomachrosis and CLL

Lightshadows Member Posts: 2
I husband has had hematomachrosis for several years. Last week was diagnosed with CLL. Doctor says the CLL wouldn't kill him except for the hematomachrosis which would kill him in a year or two without taking out the blood. He has to have blood taken out every couple months but with the CLL they can't do it. They plan to give him 3 days worth of chemo and hope that helps. Is there anyone else with this problem and how has it been for you?

Update--My husband was to start the chemo today but when he went in the doc said he wanted to try something else. Said there is a shot he could take that would build up red blood cells. It cost something like $8000.00 and insurance or Medicare doesn't always cover it. He said he would work on it this week and see if he could get it approved and if not chemo starts next week. He says the CLL would not kill him but the main concern here is that he be able to take blood out of my husband for the hematomachrosis. That could kill him if it can't be done. Does anyone know anything about this?