Peritoneal Mesothelioma

My husband has completed 3 cycles of chemo and is planning to have hipec surgery mid October. I'd like to connect with others that are in the Seattle area with this diagnosis.


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    The diagnosis
    Hi there...
    I don't live in the Seattle area nor the US, but I'd just like say that there are people on here with experience of HIPEC or experience of going through the process of wanting it but of not having had it in the end because either the procedure wasn't suitable for them, there was a lack of expertise or funding for it in their home area, or because of being denied the treatment altogether. I hope you get the replies you want. Meanwhile, I'm sending you all good feelings to you and your husband.
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    We just had a Kayak for a Cure event
    for Peritoneal Mesothelioma this past Saturday on the Hudson River. One of our survivors is 10 years into her journey.

    I'm not in the Seattle area (tho I just came back from visiting my kids, who live there) but I thought I'd send some good wishes.

    Oh, and yes, I participated in the kayaking - only 3 miles, but with extremely strong head winds, and swells cresting at about 2 feet, it was quite the challenge, all for a good cause.