Any AML survivors age 60+?

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My mom was just diagnosed with AML M4, Cytogenetically normal, still waiting on some other genetic tests. She's 69, physically very healthy, has been dealing with induction fairly well. She's worried about her age and would very much like to connect with people who had good outcomes in her age group. Anyone out there a survivor in the 60+ age group?



  • wenzman
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    AML Survivor
    My wife was diagnosed in late Nov 2010 with AML M5 and had very mild symptoms of feeling weak. She thought it was her asthma. They ended up finding out in her yearly physical that her Hemogloblin was at 6 instead of where it should be at around 10-12. She was admitted to a regional hospital here in California after getting a bone marrow test where she went thru induction treatment for 4 + weeks then came home for 2 weeks then went back for what they call "Consolidation" treatment where they gave her a high dose of ARA C chemo for a week then came home to wait for levels to drop, she unfortualtely got sick with fevers after one week of being home and had to go back into the hospital for 3 weeks to get better but recovered so the doctor waited a few months and resummed the 2nd consoldiation and then a couple months later did a 3rd consolidation in which she did fine. They never really found out why she got the fevers after 1st consolidation but she did fine in 2nd and 3rd consoldiation. He was going to do a 4th one but felt it was better just to stick with 3 instead of 4. It's now been 14 months since her last chemo treatment and she is good as new. We are so happy she did ok. Next month it will be 2 years from original diagnoses. If you have any questions regarding what my experiences were please feel free to write back.