Back in hospital 4 days after Chemo started??

rondoo Member Posts: 17
My father was just diagnosed with metastatic transitional cell carcinoma of kidney. He received his first dose of Carboplatin/Gemzar on Monday. Went to ER last night with 101 temp, shortness of breath. Admitted with possible pneumonia and high potassium, low calcium. Is this from Chemo???


  • Texas_wedge
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    That's a question that's almost certainly way beyond the knowledge of anyone here. However, feeling hot and suffering shortness of breath are possible allergic reactions to Carboplatin and should be taken very seriously. Please pursue the matter with your best medical advisers.

    Apart from them, you might get some insights from ACOR'S list called KIDNEY-ONC where there are many people with donkey's years of experience and quite a few with considerable medical knowledge.