My wife has been told that her cancer is contained and this should cure it. I feel she should have an MRI and some kind of PET scan.
Does anyonemhave any advice about what tests she should have before surgery?


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    Different Drs
    Different Drs do different tests. It also depends on diagnosis, etc. I only had a biopsy before surgery. In the 15 months since, I've had blood work, including tumor marker test, bone density and mammo and ultrasound on opposite breast. Unless I have persistent symptoms, my Dr doesn't do any other screening. He feels MRIs are harder on the breast than ultrasounds. But each person's situation is different and each dr is different. The important thing is to be comfortable with your Dr and trust him/her. I do, so I'm ok with his decisions. If at any time, I'm not comfortable with the decisions, I'll change.

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    My surgeon did an MRI of
    My surgeon did an MRI of both breasts before the mastectomy. She likes to be very thorough and aggressive towards any type of breast cancer. I don't think it is asking too much to get one as long as insurance will pay for it.

    Your wife can always get a second opinion.
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    What did they mean by
    What did they mean by contained Mastectomy doesn't cure it.Why is she getting a mastectomy.