My computer

I wish my computer was a better spellur. It allwaays spells worda wrong and it aggrevates me a lot.


  • CivilMatt
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    what IIIIIIII really said
    It never reads back like I wrote it.

  • ToBeGolden
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    You just have
    creative spelling. Why spell something the same way everyone else does? Shuffle the letters and get noticed. Rick.
  • Skiffin16
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    Smart Phones...
    I have a reject, because my "smart" phone is dumb....

    Oh, and if you guys/gals every wonder why I'm missing "d" in a lot of my posts...

    It's because the keyboard cap for "D" is missing...., just haven't replaced it. So I have to hit the "D" especially hard, LOL...

    As for my spelling...well that's mostly typing fast, and being too lazy to fix the mistakes most of the time.