Has anyone participated in a clinical trial at the NCI/NIH campus?

I would love to hear your experiences. It's been suggested my husband might be a good match for a clinical trial being held at NCI/NHI here in DC.

He is still in the staging process although they "suspect" he has an indolent type of MCL. We will know more after BMB (today...I hope it's not terrible!) and PET scan next week. He has had no treatement yet whatsoever.

Good idea? Bad idea? Just go for standard treatment or take a chance? The study involves EPOCH-R-B with or without Velcade maintenance.


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    I haven't, though I worked
    I haven't, though I worked in clinical research field, monitoring clinical research.
    I have a friend who's daughter participated in a clinical trial for NHL, follicular--5 years ago--and she's been in remission ever since.

    I would suggest that you go, and listen to everything about the trial; all the details and then make a decision. They may be on the cutting edge of improved results or cure ---

    Praying for you and hope for the best as you weigh the choices and make decisions.