An Easy Way You Can Help Linda "Gabe N Abbey Mom"

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I heard from Lisa (Linda's Friend) today, If you are interested in helping Linda's family during this difficult time a food donation site has been set up: here is the information Lisa sent me and a much better explanation than what I just said...

"I have set up a Gift Certificate that you can add to with "Food To You", a program that they can order from several different restaurants and have it delivered directly to their home. It was a suggestion from one of the other Network people, and it seems FANTASTIC! You may want to check out their website. Here is the info:

Anyone who would like to make a donation can add it to the Gift Certificate by calling 916-649-3663 or 1-800-951-3663. The person who is assisting me with this is named Gwen and she is at that number, ext. 211. Just tell her you would like to add money to Gift Certificate # 2545. The Gift Certificate can be accessed by either Linda or Karl to use to order food delivery to their home.
Please feel free to pass this informtion on to whomever you think may be interested. "

I will be calling the number tomorrow with my donation.

My best to each and every one of you!



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    wow that is great...thanks
    wow that is great...thanks for info..

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    Dear Re..
    What a wonderful thing to do for Linda.. you are a very special lady..
    Count me in...

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    Just bumping it up for Linda.